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We Love: Hellz Bellz

It is hard to remember when and where we first heard about Hellz Bellz but let’s just say, it was recent and it was love at first sight. The brainchild of Lanie Alabanza, Hellz Bellz was born in the “gritty streets of New York and let loose upon the world in 2005.”

The brand recently introduced their Holiday 2009 collection, Cult Classic, building on the buzz of their contemporary streetwear reputation. The collection instantly endeared Hellz Bellz to us and made them an obvious choice for the next edition of We Love.

Cult Classic was inspired by the 1988 film Heathers, a cult classic in its own right. The collection aims to represent the “seemingly innocent girl with anything but innocent intentions.” Cult Classic is bold and brazen and mixes some very different elements to create a unique look. From the 80s-era neon pink eye makeup in their lookbook, right down to the grunge-inspired leather and plaid jacket (far left image), the collection, and Hellz Bellz in general, is not for the faint of heart.

We Love: Hellz Bellz

Alongside Cult Classic comes their Fall 2009 collection, in two parts: Style Warriors and Midnight Riders. Their inspiration for their Fall 2009 collection comes, apparently, from another offbeat film, Mad Max, and is a solid mix of gothic makeup, faux fur, distressed denim and more.

For every collection, the brand draws their inspiration from music, film, society and culture and a quick read through their blog, What The Hellz, will attest to their varied sources of inspiration. Their blog is our second favorite thing about the brand – from personal outfit photos to fictional rants to sneak previews of their lookbooks, the blog adds a personal touch which is a clever marketing ploy and one that should be widely utilized in the fashion industry.

Although the mantra of Hellz Bellz is to make clothes for “the bad girls, bookworms and divas alike,” we’d say that all those girls better be ready to look tough, because with Hellz Bellz, nothing is quite as it seems. As the press release says, Long Live Hellz.

Video: Hellz Bellz, Love My Pony....

We Love: Hellz Bellz
We Love: Hellz Bellz images

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2019 year - We Love: Hellz Bellz pictures

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We Love: Hellz Bellz images
We Love: Hellz Bellz images

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We Love: Hellz Bellz new pictures

images We Love: Hellz Bellz
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Watch We Love: Hellz Bellz video
Watch We Love: Hellz Bellz video

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