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So Close!

Jul 26, 2007

Rats! I didn't lose this week. In fact, I gained two tenths of a pound. (Why did I think it was a good idea to get that digital scale? That darned thing is picky, picky, picky!) I guess spending a morning getting my spine shot up with cortisone, followed by resting in bed the rest of the day, probably didn't help my weight-loss efforts, huh?

In fact, I guess I should be happy I didn't gain more this week. I've made good food choices, but I haven't exactly been hoofing it for a couple of miles a day.

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Here are my stats so far:

Starting weight: 142
End of week 1: 139
End of week 2: 137
End of week 3: 136
End of week 4: 135
End of week 5: 134.8 (started using a digital scale)
End of week 6: 133.2
End of week 7: 132
End of week 7: on vacation; no weigh-in
End of week 8: 132
End of week 9: 131
End of week 10: 130.4
End of week 11: 130.6
End of 12-week blog: NEXT TUESDAY!

One thing Ellie Krieger emphasizes in Small Changes, Big Resultsis that you do the best you can. This gal isn't big on guilt, thank heavens. And I have to say, I'm really pretty pleased that I'm losing an average of around a pound a week (11.4 pounds in 11 weeks, to be exact), and this is the first time I've gained since I started this journey. And it was only a measly two tenths of a pound. So I'm going to cut myself some slack, stick with my plan and try to do a bit more walking this week.

My next (and final) weigh-in for the blog is next Tuesday, the last day of this blog. I'm planning on being in the in the 129 range. And if it's 129 and a couple of tenths? That's OK, too. I haven't been below 130 for a looong time.

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