How To be an It Girl? Alexa Chung Explains for Elle China

It Girl: Alexa Chung

Ever since Alexa Chung started hosting MTV’s It’s On With Alexa Chung back in June, we’ve been spoilt rotten. Not only do we get to watch her cleverly question celebrity after celebrity, we also get an almost-daily update on what September’s It Girl is wearing.

For most of us, regular documentation of our personal style would bring with it an added amount of responsibility and pressure. It’s hard enough to look good as it is! Luckily for us, this former model knows exactly what she is doing when it comes to her fashion and style, wowing us at every turn.

While we have long admired Alexa’s style, we have yet to truly dissect it, so we felt it was about time we pondered over her best outfits, scrutinized her everyday look and looked around for similar pieces that you could incorporate into your closet. Our fabulous It Girl started out as a model, which clearly left her with an invaluable appreciation of clothes.

It Girl: Alexa Chung

#1. In our first outfit rundown, she mixes a gold lace mini dress with a cropped moto jacket, black tights and boots. For a similar look, pair a mini dress with this (8) from Victoria’s Secret. For the finishing touch, add Rosegold’s (5) in black.

#2. Another classic and chic black combination, here Alexa wears an on-trend velvet mini dress with a white lace Peter Pan collar, pairing it with a pair of lace-up ankle boots. The smock-shape of the dress works perfectly on her slender frame while the short boots show off her extra long legs. We think Erin Fetherston’s (5) makes for a stylish substitute, along with Jeffrey Campbell’s Class Bootie (8).

#3. While we love when Alexa chooses feminine pieces, a strong blazer dress looks just as amazing. The (5) by Erin Wasson x RVCA is the perfect double while this (5) in turquoise adds a colorful accessory to the mix.

It Girl: Alexa Chung

#4. Of course, our It Girl, as chic as she is, does not live in black alone. Alexa loves to mix it up with pops of color and is just as adept at handling a hippie print as she is a classic solid color. Here, she pairs sailor stripes with a slick one-piece overall set. For a similar ensemble, try the () from American Apparel in navy. Add BDG’s () and then throw on a pair of Patricia Green’s (.95).

#5. Though she’s always stylish, Alexa’s signature look is all about being laidback and comfortable, while still keeping an eye on current trends. Here, she pairs a boyfriend blazer with a floral mini dress, giving her look an edge without even trying. American Retro’s (9) will give your outfit a degree of femininity, but pairing it with the (8) from Urban Outfitters will provide it with an unparalleled sharpness.

#6. We love that Alexa’s love of fashion means she is willing to try a dozen different trends, from sailor stripes to bohemian prints. Here, she pairs a floaty, boho dress with a black scarf, giving us a free-spirited look that can easily transcend the seasons. If you love this style, try Anna Sui’s (0) or Forever 21’s (.80). Round it off with this () from Rachel Rachel Roy, black tights and a scarf, and you are good to go.

Video: Fashion Muse Alexa Chung Is More Than Just An It Girl

It Girl: Alexa Chung
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Watch It Girl: Alexa Chung video
Watch It Girl: Alexa Chung video

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