How To Apply False Eyelashes For Beginners!!

How to Apply Fake Eyelashes

My roommate and I refer to this outlandish lady that she works with as “eyelashes.” You know the type–the one who dresses too young for her age, drop hints that she wears a size smaller than you, and just overall has far more fun than you. Kind of a Rayanne Graff of another generation. Now naturally, she also wears these crazy eyelashes (hence, the nickname) that are the kind you buy for Halloween–about two inches too long for your face.

We asked Pamela Taylor, of to show us how to make false lashes look natural. Pamela actually adds shimmer eye shadow to the fake lashes for us girls with lighter hair so that they look more natural on the face and provide the illusion that the lashes are actually growing out of the root of the lash line. Read below to find out more!


Step 1:Begin by choosing a shimmer eye shadow based on your hair color. With a fluffy eyelash brush, gently paint the lashes while they’re still in the tray with the shimmer. As a general rule of thumb, if you have dark hair use more of a brown; if you have light or blonde hair try more of a gold.


Step 2:To apply the lashes, dab just a little clear lash adhesive on a flat corner of the tray. (Duo Lash Adhesive, .29, at )


Step 3:Use the groove of the tray to rest your pinky finger. This will keep your hand in control as you pick up the lashes. (Duralash by Ardell lashes, .49 each, at )


Step 4:Take your slant tweezers and angle them so they lay flush with the tray. Slide the tweezers up against the tray so you are holding the lashes only by the end of the false lashes. To practice or test your control of the lashes, try to place the false lashes back in between the teeth of the tray. This step is the hardest part of applying false lashes–not actually gluing them to your face–because if you don’t have the right angle, the lashes wont look natural on your face. (Tweezerman tweezers, , at )


Step 5:Lightly dip the lashes into the glue. Be careful to only dip the back root of the false lashes into the glue.


Step 6:To apply the lashes to your lash line, rest your pinky on your cheek for stability, and gently place the false lashes right in between your lashes on your lash line.


Step 7:Repeat however many times you’d like to make your lashes fuller.


Step 8:You can then go over your full lashes with the eye shadow to fill in any spots you may have missed when you were painting your lashes before you applied them. Use the Mascara Shield and gently brush the glitter shadow over each lash.


Step 9:Bat your natural, full lashes at everyone you see!

Video: FALSE LASHES: Do's and Don'ts | For Beginners!

How to Apply FakeEyelashes
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Watch How to Apply FakeEyelashes video

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