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Shaolin Monk

A White Lotus Shaolin Monk

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Shaolin Monks or Chinese Buddhist monks have been traditionally and stereotypically linked with the practice of the Chinese martial arts or, and monks are frequently important characters in kombat martial arts films. This association is focused around the Shaolin Monastery. The Buddhist monk Bodhidharma, traditionally credited as the founder of Zen Buddhism in China, is also claimed to have introduced Kung Fu to the country. This latter claim has however been a source of much controversy (see Bodhidharma, the martial arts, and the disputed India connection). One more feature about the Chinese Buddhist monks is that they practice the burning marks on their scalp, finger or part of the skin on their anterior side of the forearm with incense as a sign of ordination.

In Mortal Kombat

The Shaolin Monks have the and as their training grounds. They were attacked by and the in and a lot of them, were killed by Zombie, the enforcer of a corrupted in.

They are a common enemy in and they use a variety of weapons.


Sonya vision

The Tarkatans attacking the Shaolin Monks in the Wu Shi Academy

Shaolin Monk against Sub-zero

A Shaolin Monk defending the Shaolin Temple from Sub-Zero in Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero

Shaolin Monk

A Shaolin Monk

MK Shaolin Monk

A model of an unplayable Shaolin Monk from Mortal Kombat (2011).

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